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Experienced New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyer Resolves Clients’ Debt Concerns

West New York firm finds the right option to relieve financial pressure

When debts become unmanageable, the right attorney can help you take advantage of the procedures that exist to help people who are struggling financially. At Winograd and Schwartz, Attorneys at Law, P.C. in West New York, we use the bankruptcy process and other methods to relieve clients’ financial burdens and help them make a new start. Attorney Laraine Schwartz has more than 30 years of legal experience and can find effective solutions to the most difficult money problems. Whether Chapter 7 debt discharge is the best option or you’re looking to establish a Chapter 13 repayment plan, our firm will guide you toward a resolution that protects you and your family.

Knowledgeable advocate uses Chapter 7 bankruptcy to discharge debts

In some instances, debt problems are so serious that there is no reasonable opportunity for repayment, even under revised terms. Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives these debtors a chance to make a fresh financial start. If you are being harassed by creditors and believe this might be your best option for relief, our firm can explain the process, including:

  • Filing and eligibility — We look at your financial history and assets to determine if you are eligible for Chapter 7 protection. If it is not a feasible option, we can seek a Chapter 13 plan or work to negotiate with your creditors.
  • Automatic stay — Once your case is filed, all collection actions must stop. In addition to preventing tactics such as phone harassment, the automatic stay can prevent punitive actions from creditors such as cutting off utilities.
  • Creditors’ meeting — The appointed bankruptcy trustee convenes a meeting with you and the people and companies to whom you owe payments. Our firm represents your interests and uses honest communication to help reach acceptable terms.
  • Liquidation — Certain assets might be sold off to help fund repayment to creditors. However, you will be able to keep certain personal property, and we will advocate for appropriate treatment.
  • Exemptions — A Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not eliminate all financial obligations. We will help you assess potential exemptions such as taxes, back child support and student loan debt.
  • Debt discharge — When the judge approves the bankruptcy plan, your nonexempt obligations will be discharged, and you can move forward with confidence.

From start to finish, we will make sure that you are treated with respect as we diligently pursue a resolution that relieves your debt burden.

Seasoned adviser prepares reasonable Chapter 13 debt repayment plans

Even just one temporary financial setback can make it very difficult to catch up with what you owe. Even if you’re earning an income now, the problems created by a medical problem, divorce or temporary job loss can continue to follow you unless you get help. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often a good solution in such cases. During this process, collection efforts are stopped and our firm can help you create a fair plan that allows you to repay what you owe over a period from three to five years.

Diligent attorney counsels clients on Chapter 11 reorganizations

Used mostly by businesses, Chapter 11 bankruptcy enables a debtor to continue operations while reorganizing their financial obligations. Retaining the ability to earn revenue gives many companies the best chance to emerge from their difficulties. Combined with adjustments to existing financial agreements and internal changes, we can design a strategy that will give you the best chance to succeed now and in the future.

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Winograd and Schwartz, Attorneys at Law, P.C. represents New Jersey clients in bankruptcy proceedings and other debt relief matters. Please call 201-770-9990 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our West New York office. Our staff assists clients in Spanish and English.

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