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The Young Shall Lead Us Into Change!

The Young Shall Lead Us Into Change!

The Young Shall Lead Us Into Change! by Laraine Schwartz

I am truly inspired watching our nation’s youth rise up to effectuate change in our gun laws, after the massacre in Parkland, Florida. It brings me back to the 60s when young people were empowered to protest a catastrophic war, taking political action, engaging in much-needed changes to our country. Young people spoke up in protest and had a major impact on the major civil rights movements. Youth deeply affected stood up and became politicized by the events. This is when change happens.  

The issue of gun violence affects us all, young and old, all races, all ethnicities. As youth continue to fight for change they are astutely aware of the gun laws and their relationship to money, elections, and politicians. While those in power in our country are aware of the need for change in our gun safety laws, they have yet to say no to the NRA.

As some states pass laws to protect against gun violence, larger change is required. March 24 is the date set for a march on Washington and in other cities around the country. This is a beginning that must be followed up by further demonstrations in all states and in the voting booth in November 2018.

I remain optimistic for millennials to lead us to a place where our children never have to fear being shot in school, where our inner cities are safe from random gun violence and where sane gun safety laws are administered.

Laraine E. Schwartz, Esq.
Winograd and Schwartz Attorneys at Law
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